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Many Thanks!

Thanks to allLast evening was the final banquet for the completion of the La Carrera Panamericana.
This is always the big shingding where the final awards are given out. The location was the City Cultural Center, which is the most beautiful new building I’ve seen in Mexico. The Predator team, which included the Porsche driven by Russell and Chris, the Mustang driven by Bob and Bud, the BMW, nicknamed the frog, because of it’s color and frog horn, driven by C. H. and Danny, and finally the Jag, driven by David and Byron, all successfully completed this difficult, world renowned race! The banquet was also attended by many drivers and support teams that had problems along the way. We appreciate the loyalty given by all. To all of you,around the world, that have followed our adventure, MANY MANY THANKS!!!

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Interviews, Spanish, Finish Lines

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I tried to get an interview with CH buy as you can see he’s now a nation hero because of the frog.

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Thank You–JP Final Words

To complete the experience of LaCarrera Panamericana 2009 please let me share what I gained. Last report was approaching the border at Neuvo Laredo Mexico late Sunday afternoon. George, Gert & I had been pushing north the past 800 miles since leaving a dark rainy Mexico City before 6:00 a.m. It takes about 3 hrs to complete the border crossing after cancelling insurance, paper work, waiting in line etc… With only 900 more miles to Mississippi and then 900 more to Virginia we make the call to keep going through the night. It is a beautiful night time drive with distant lighting across Texas. Wishing not to wake the other two but needing the company I tune in a local radio station. Willie is singing about riding the rails on the City of New Orleans and rolling along through darkness in the Mississippi Delta. It is just what I need. Into Louisiana then north to Mississippi. Arrive Jackson at little after sunup in time for breakfast. I am home! With the revived energy that comes from sunshine and food, George and Gert point the Jeep east along I-20 and press on. They should be home before midnight.

These same clothes have been on my back for 4 days. They are all I came across the border with. Luggage is misplaced somewhere in Mexico (later located). A hot shower, shave and clean clothes go a long way in one’s disposition in a situation like this. The rest of the day is spent outside on a perfect Chamber of Commerce day driving an old Ford tractor. I am in the woods with my brother, planting winter food plots for the wildlife. Something good about turning up dirt and planting seeds for new growth. It takes planning and time but all good things do. Under these clear blue skies it slowing comes to me how the past few days in Mexico have helped me grow.

That night I have a home cooked meal with my mother and father and tell them of the adventure. Of my huge disappointment at crashing George’s car! But then the story changed. The story became dealing with the adversity. The Federales! The limited communication. The long distances and limited sleep. The long trek out of Mexico and journey home with two wonderful individuals, George and Gert! The adventure had continued long past the point when the Maserati stopped. The LaCarrera experience taught me many lessons about patience and understanding. About being more tolerant of other people the next time disappoint comes along. Lessons about respecting each member of the team and how everyone plays a role. How important it is to tell those supporting you “Thank You!” Life is about how we treat people! I returned from LaCarrera a better man because of the people that asked me to go. The Predator Team that David & Larry put together, the crew that did more with less and always made it happen, the other drivers that make it so much fun, and of course George that serves as an inspiration to us all. Great friends sharing great times along Life’s adventurous road. Thank you for sharing a portion of your road with me.


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Car is fixed off we go to Laredo!

Car is fixed off we go to Laredo!

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Random Bits and Pieces from our time in Mexico


IMG00123-20091028-1704Outside our hotel room at the old bull fighting ring.

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Finally found our hotel in Zacatecas

Finally found our hotel in Zacatecas

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The Predator does well

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Gas stop, Interested Fans!

Fans 2

Gas Stop, Interested Fans

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March into the bull arena, now a hotel!

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